Simple Songs & How to Use them to Grow Your Child’s Language(s)

If you haven’t sung The Itsy Bitsy Spider since you were, well, itty bitty, then you’re not alone. Most of us have vague, fond memories of singing as a child but when it comes to singing with our child, we may suddenly feel a little bit shyer than what we’d anticipated.

This video will discuss a few simple techniques that you can use when you’re singing with your child to help them to build their language.

Use a picture or an object. Whenever possible, pair up a picture or an object with the song you’re singing. If you’re singing about the wheels on the bus, can you gather a few of your child’s toys such as a bus and a baby to pair along with the songs you’ll sing? Don’t overthink it but sometimes just a simple object can really help your child make meaning from the words he’s hearing in the song.

Use your natural voice. That’s right! You don’t need the professionally composed children’s music that is often too loud and with a tempo that is too fast. Instead, use your own voice even if you’re not in line for a Grammy. It’s okay! At first, your child might look at you like you’ve lost it. I know I get that look almost every time that I start to sing with a new client. But, don’t be too quick to throw in the towel. Sing slowly, with a smile, and keep at it for a few weeks. You may sing solo at first but your child will join in after some time!

It’s Okay to Pause. You don’t have to sing a song from beginning to end every time. It’s alright to pause occasionally if your child is really interested in a certain part of the song. Always use that interest to create more language. So, if your child is really interested in the door on the bus, talk about that door. Pause and pretend to open and close the door. Knock on the door. Describe the door. Whatever you do, use their interest in that moment to build on their language.

Routines and Language. When you’re going through daily routines such as cleaning up toys, cleaning up lunch, etc make up your own little songs to go along with your routine!

What’s your absolute favorite song to sing with your little one? And do you have any favorite songs from childhood?

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