The Map to Raising a Bilingual Child

The course

This course will be launching in June of 2021!


About the Course

In this course for families with children birth to five, I won’t just give you the facts about raising your child to be bilingual, I’ll be giving you the time tested techniques used by speech-langauge therapists for supporting your child’s language development in one (or more) languages, the motivation to keep going when things get tough, and even some ideas some ideas on how to manage pushback from your child!

Course Objectives & Outcomes

You’ll have access to five modules with videos demonstrating how to implement these techniques with a child, handouts for a deeper dive, and a monthly live webinar for three months after registering for the course to answer your questions!


Gain confidence in raising your child to be bilingual (even if you’re not a native speaker)


Understand what the research, clinical experience, and feedback from hundreds of parents has to say about the why’s, when’s, and how’s of bilingualism


Learn techniques to support your child’s speech and language development. It’s never too early to start!


Connect with your child in a way that will reduce resistance, pushback, and even tantrums!


Reconnect with that part of yourself that loves learning languages, exploring, traveling, and understands the values in all of the world’s words.


And most importantly, you’ll have FUN while learning. This is going to be a fiesta, festa, вечеринка, パーティー!


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Launching in June of 2021