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My Story

I’m Rebecca Green. I’ve worked as a multilingual speech-language therapist and in bilingual education  for a combined fifteen years. I was a junior high school, Spanish class dropout. I could barely say the ABC’s after two painful years of Spanish.  I never thought I was capable of learning a second language. But, all of that changed when I took a little trip to Spain.

After that trip, my first time ever abroad, my interest in learning Spanish bloomed. I realized I could learn languages! Yes, I was able to live abroad for a number of years in both Spain and Portugal. And yes, that helped with my fluency in both languages.  But, I’ve also figured out how we can recreate that experience wherever we’re living, especially for children.

I started Bilinguable after years working as a speech therapist and seeing the challenges many families faced in raising their children to be bilingual.

About US

What We Can Do for You

I help parents to understand what research, and my years of experience as a trilingual speech therapist, elementary educator, and librarian’s assistant at a bilingual university helped me to understand about children and bilingualism.

You’ll learn to confidently create an environment in the home and a community outside the home that supports you along the way.  And a journey is always more fun with friends. Well, most of the time. I am introvert, and often like to travel alone, but trust me on this one about creating community for yourself and your child.

If you’re a parent of a child with special needs, you’ve probably heard from well-meaning medical and educational professionals that your child can only learn one language. I’m here to dispel that myth and walk you through all of your options.


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