what’s your plan for raising bilingual children?

You are a parent who would love to see your child be bilingual, but you haven’t created a plan…yet.

Why do you need a plan? Without a plan, you may struggle have more struggle and find that raising bilingual littles can feel like paddling upstream.

You’d love to raise your children to speak your heritage language, or a foreign language. You know all of the benefits of bilingualism, but you may feel uncertain about the how and when…or sometimes those lingering “what ifs”!

What if bilingualism can cause a language delay? What if my child doesn’t like to speak in anything other than the official language spoken in our country?

And maybe, your whole quest to raise your child to be bilingual feels more like a chore instead of the adventure it should be.

Here’s where we come in: books and courses for parents of bilinguals birth to five made by a trilingual speech therapist.


What We Offer

The Steps to Raising a Bilingual Child

Our course

In this course for families with children birth to five, I won’t just give you the facts about raising your child to be bilingual, I’ll be giving you the time tested techniques used by speech-language therapists for supporting your child’s language development in one (or more) languages, the motivation to keep going when things get tough, and even some ideas some ideas on how to manage pushback from your child!

The Bilingual Guide: A Map to Getting Your Family to Fluent

Our book

In this manual, we’ll go over everything you need to know to lead your child to bilingualism. If you’re wondering whether your child can be bilingual or not, read on! We discuss not only common myths and misconceptions around bilingualism but why your child might be resistant to speaking your heritage language. It’s usually not why you think it is!

Other Resources for Your Family

Our blog

Make sure to check out our blog! We will cover different topics regarding your child’s journey to becoming bilingual, everything you need to support your little one. 

Once you try the techniques offered in the book and course, you see the difference. You get so excited and want to keep using them with your child. Love it! 

Jocelyn B

Mother of a Trilingual Toddler


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I am so excited to announce my course on raising your child to be bilingual, which will be coming out in January of 2021!